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Please find below a summary of recent news, media articles and publications from REDRESS. All are available on the new REDRESS website.


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Inquiry into UK complicity allegations to be held

REDRESS welcomes the statement on 21 May 2010 by the new UK Coalition Government that a judge-led inquiry will be established to investigate claims that British intelligence agencies were complicit in the torture of terror suspects. The coalition agreement between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives, which was published 21 May 2010 as well, states;

"We will never condone the use of torture”. Foreign Secretary William Hague said: “So will there be an inquiry of some form? Yes, both parties in the coalition said [last year] they wanted [a judge-led inquiry]. Now what we're working on is what form that should take."

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Award-winning photographer Jim Goldberg collaborates with REDRESS

REDRESS recently spoke with award winning photographer Jim Goldberg about his recent critically acclaimed exhibition at Photographer’s Gallery in London. ‘Open See’ chronicles the experiences of people who travel from war torn, socially and economically devastated countries, to make new lives in Europe.This series lays bare the effects of trafficking, torture and its physical and psychological consequences.

The Q&A with Jim Goldberg in on the REDRESS website as well as the photos donated by him to REDRESS for use on their website.

Image © Copyright Jim Goldberg / Magnum Photos

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New Publications From REDRESS

REDRESS has several new Reports and Newsletters available in the new Publications section of the website. Some include;

- Victims’ Rights Working Group Bulletin- Summer 2010, ICC Review Conference-  Special Edition

- The Impact of the Rome Statute System on Victims and Affected Communities

- Comments to the Trust Fund for Victims on the Progressive Realisation of its Mandate

- Comments on the OTP Policy Paper on Victim's Participation Under Art.68(3) of the -ICC Statute

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Elections, the Rule of Law and the prospect for law reform in Sudan

REDRESS' Law Reform Spring Update on the Criminal Law Reform in Sudan website looks at the recent elections in Sudan.

The elections in Sudan were meant to constitute one of the pivotal moments in the process of democratic transformation envisaged in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). Instead, the election process vindicated a series of concerns about the weakness of the rule of law and democratic structures in Sudan. This weakness goes beyond the flaws of, and violations committed during the voting process. The current legislative and institutional framework significantly hampers the exercise of political and civil rights. Provisions in the Sudanese criminal acts and press law unduly restrict freedom of expression, assembly and association. There is no effective judicial protection against violations of rights. The recently enacted National Security Act essentially maintains the unfettered powers of the security services- the very same services that were alleged to have been responsible for suppressing the free exercise of political rights in the run-up to, and durin g the elections.

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News Releases

REDRESS' most recent News Releases are available in the News Release section of the website. Some include;

-Rwandan Genocide Suspects in Zambia: A Call for Justice

-Public Statement- Israel: Proposed bill seeks to outlaw human rights NGO's based in Isreal working on accountability issues in Occupied Palestinian Territory

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