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Welcome to REDRESS’ July 2010 edition of Reparation News. 

July 17th is International Justice Day, celebrated in recognition of the international criminal justice system, established by the Rome Statute in 1998 that led to the International Criminal Court (ICC). 

In the first feature highlighted in this month's edition, we look at the progression of victims rights in the ICC.

Please find below a summary of recent news, media articles and publications from REDRESS. All are available on the new REDRESS website.


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Victims Rights Working Group (VRWG) highlights developments for victim participation in the International Criminal Court (ICC)

Review Conference Adopts Positive Resolution on Victims' Rights

The ICC Review Conference took place from Monday 31 May to Friday 11 June 2010, seven years after the Statute entered into force. The impact of the Court on victims and affected communities was one of four “stocktaking” topics discussed in the Conference Plenary, raising the profile of victims’ valuable role in international criminal justice proceedings. Members of the Victims’ Rights Working Group worked closely with the governments of Finland and Chile, who showed untiring dedication as focal points on the issue. The Conference adopted a positive Resolution on this issue, reiterating victims’ right to access justice and seek reparation. The Resolution also underlined some of the challenges faced by the Court, encouraging, for instance, “further efforts to ensure that victims and affected communities have access to accurate information about the Court, its mandate, as well as about victims’ rights under the Rome Statute, including their right to participate in judicial proceedings and claim for reparations.”

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Defence Appeal Landmark Victims' Participation Decision

On 22 January 2010 the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued a landmark decision regarding the extent and manner in which victims should be allowed to participate in the trial proceedings of Mr Katanga and Mr Ngudjolo. Subject to Chambers’ approval in each case, the decision enabled victims to attend both public and closed parts of the hearing and to give their opinions on whether they believed evidence to be relevant and valid. It also included instructions on the manner in which victims’ legal representatives may call or question defendants, witnesses and experts, and on the presentation of evidence which could either incriminate or clear the defendants.

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REDRESS Casework

REDRESS has several new Casework updates. Some include:

Gafgen v Germany
REDRESS intervened in Gafgen v. Germany before the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights. The GC gave judgment on 1 June 2010

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The Queen (on the application of Maya Evans) v Secretary of State for Defence
REDRESS Legal Advisor Kevin Laue gave a written witness statement in support of the application which concerned a challenge to the current procedure whereby insurgents captured by UK forces in Afghanistan are handed over to the Afghanistan authorities. The applicant Maya Evans is a peace activist and her lawyers argued that the procedure breached the UK obligation not to hand over persons who run the risk of being tortured.  Judgement was given on 25 June 2010.

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Arar v Ashcroft, Secretary
REDRESS intervened in Arar v. Ashcroft before the US Supreme Court. The SC denied Mr. Arar's petition on 14 June 2010, ending his case in U.S. courts.

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New Publications From REDRESS

REDRESS has several new Reports and Newsletters available in the new Publications section of the website. Some include:

-July 2010 EU Update on International Crimes

- Victims’ Rights Working Group Bulletin- Summer 2010, ICC Review Conference-  Special Edition  (translations now also available in Arabic and Spanish)

Visit the Redress Publications page

The Criminal Law Reform In Sudan Website Re-Launch On July 20th

Project for Criminal Law Reform in Sudan (PCLRS) is a joint initiative of REDRESS and its Sudanse partner orgnanisations. The Project seeks to advocate crucial reforms and thereby advance the legal recognition of rights of all people in Sudan. To date, it has engaged in a number of campaigns, such as on the reform of laws pertaining to sexual violence, public order laws, security laws and legal provisions seeking to enhance accountability of perpetrators of serious human rights violations.

The PCLRS website will include a new Blog feature. It will continue to provide other  resources such as the Sudan Law Reform Monthly Update as well as related Reports, Press Releases and Outreach Materials.

Visit the New Project for Criminal Law Reform in Sudan Website

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    News Releases

    REDRESS' most recent News Releases are available in the News Release section of the website. Some include;

    -Torture Inquiry Announcements are a Mixed Bag: Inquiry Will Lack Power to Make Former Political Leaders Reveal Truth

    -International Day in Support of Victims of Torture: Human Rights Groups call on the Cambodian Government to Comply with the UN Torture Convention

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    VRWG- Victims’ Rights Working Group

    Visit The Victims' Rights Working Group (VRWG), a network that works to ensure that victims’ rights are met throughout the judicial process of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

    Visit VRWG

    PCLRS- Criminal Law Reform in Sudan

    Visit the Project for Criminal Law Reform in Sudan (PCLRS) a joint initiative seeking to advocate crucial reforms and thereby advance the legal recognition of rights of all people in Sudan.

    Visit PCLRS


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