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September 2010      

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Welcome to REDRESS’ September 2010 edition of Reparation News. Please find below a summary of recent news, media articles and publications from REDRESS.

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Inquiry into Allegations of UK Complicity in Torture

On 8 September 2010 REDRESS and other leading NGO's wrote to Sir Peter Gibson on the need for the Inquiry to be sufficiently empowered and transparent.

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REHABILITATION AS A FORM OF REPARATION: OPPORTUNITES AND CHALLENGES: An Expert Meeting Organised by REDRESS and the University of Essex Transitional Justice Network

REDRESS and the University of Essex Transitional Justice Network organised a meeting as an opportunity to discuss with experts, REDRESS' recent discussion report, entitled: Rehabilitation as a Form of Reparation Under International Law.

The Final Programme

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New Publications From REDRESS

REDRESS' most recent Reports, Newsletters and Updates are available in the Publications section of the website. These include:

-Submission to the Baha Mousa Public Inquiry on the Recommendations for the Future (Module 4)

-REDRESS submission together with Amnesty International, International Commission of Jurists and FIDH) on the Council of Europe Draft Guidelines on Eradication Impunity for Serious Human Rights Violations

-ICC Victims' Rights Legal Update July-August 2010


Draft Bill on Victims and Witness Protection for Uganda

In the context of our Post Conflict Programme, REDRESS continues to facilitate regular workshops with the Uganda Victims Foundation based in Lira, Northern Uganda. Part of our joint strategy with UVF is to support the domestication of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) into Ugandan law, ensuring effective implementation of victims’ rights in the process. The Ugandan International Criminal Court Act was adopted by Parliament earlier this year, and apparently signed by President Museveni in the days before the opening of the ICC Review Conference in Kampala in May 2010. For reasons that remain unclear, the government has not published the law, which remains unavailable and not yet in force, rendering the first war crimes case against Thomas Kwoyelo, a  former Commander of the Lords Resistance Army, already being handled by the new Special War Crimes Division of the Ugandan High Court increasingly problematic. The ICC Act would give Uganda jurisdiction over genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in its domestic courts, enabling it to exercise its primary responsibility to prevent and punish such crimes.

While the establishment of domestic jurisdiction over international crimes is important, it is critical that international standards on victims’ rights as well as fair trial are adhered to. One of the issues raised by REDRESS and UVF at the ICC Review Conference in Kampala is the need for special legislation and measures to protect victims and witnesses, both physically but also in terms of their psychological well-being. Uganda issued a ‘pledge’ as part of the ICC Review Conference process that it would endeavour to adopt such legislation. REDRESS and UVF have prioritised this issue, facilitating consultations between UVF members and the victims they work with and holding a 3 day workshop in Soroti to develop a position paper on the need and contents of a Victims and Witness Protection Bill in Uganda.

The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Uganda has also seized on the need for protection in relation to the future work of the Ugandan War Crimes Division of the High Court. It has organised a two part conference on protection during September and October 2010, which REDRESS is also participating in, and we have made available our  2009 Report on the rights to protection under international law as well as best practice.

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VRWG- Victims’ Rights Working Group

Visit The Victims' Rights Working Group (VRWG) website, a network coordinated by REDRESS that works to ensure that victims’ rights are met throughout the judicial process of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

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PCLRS- Criminal Law Reform in Sudan

Visit the Project for Criminal Law Reform in Sudan (PCLRS) a joint initiative of REDRESS and local Sudanese partners which seeks to advocate for crucial criminal law reforms in Sudan and thereby advance the legal recognition of rights of all people in Sudan.



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