Hissène Habré

On 22 of August 2012 Senegal and the African Union signed an agreement that provides for the establishment of the Extraordinary African Chambers (EAC) within the Senegalese Judicial System. The statute of the EAC grants the Chambers competence over the persons who are most responsible for committing international crimes in Chad from 7 June 1982 to 1 December 1990. The EAC can also pursuant to its statute provide reparations to the victims falling within its jurisdiction.

In June 2013, Senegalese authorities arrested Hissène Habré, former president of Chad. He was indicted in July 2013 for war crimes, crimes against humanity and torture. Mr Habre’s trial before the EAC started in July 2015. The first instance judgment was delivered in July 2016 and resulted in Mr Habré being sentenced to life imprisonment. The Court furthermore awarded financial compensation to the civil parties. Both the criminal and civil judgement were appealed before the Appeals Chamber which concluded its appeal hearings in January 2017. The appeals judgement is expected on 27 April 2017.

On 8 February 2017, REDRESS submitted an amicus brief on reparations to the Appeals Chamber. The submission focused on the determination of the scope of beneficiaries of reparations and the forms and nature of reparations awarded to ensure that victims are provided with redress in line with the EAC statute and international standards.

Furthermore, the amicus discussed at length the establishment of the Trust Fund that is provided for in the Statute and that has been created by the African Union in July 2016. REDRESS, based on previous practices that can be relevant to the case of Habre, elaborated on a comprehensive management model for the Trust Fund that comprises a Board of Directors, a Secretariat and a banking instrument.



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