Other ideas

We have lots of ideas for fundraising events that you, your friends or colleagues could take part in, whether it is placing a collection by the coffee machine at work or organising a ball. We’ve listed a couple of these ideas for you below. We welcome your ideas too, so please contact us for further tips and support by phone (020 7793 1777) or email (info@redress.org).

Overseas and UK Charity Challenges

Sponsored dog sledding through the Arctic, trekking through the Sahara Desert, horse riding through rural Rajasthan? If these sound like your sort of challenge then check Classic Tours and Across the Divide for details of these and other activities.

Organise your own event

There are countless ways to raise money for charity. In many cases, the more imaginative you are, the more people will give – but here is a selection of ideas to get you started!

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