Work created under the auspices of "Artists for Human Rights" in a workshop organised by the
Khartoum Center for Human Rights & Environmental Development in Sudan, 2005.

How We Work

REDRESS has a small team based in London. We do not have regional or local field offices, preferring to work directly with local civil society groups, lawyers and other actors on the ground. At present, we have partnerships with civil society groups in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

At the heart of REDRESS is its direct work with survivors of torture and related international crimes.

In order to maximise our impact, we work at multiple levels.

REDRESS’ values are to prioritise the interests and perspectives of survivors in all aspects of its work. The highest priority in decisions and interventions is given to promoting survivors’ well-being and the avoidance of further traumatisation.

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Where We Work


Victims Rights Working Groups

Criminal Law Reform in Sudan

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