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How do we help

1. Seeking justice

REDRESS provides confidential legal advice to torture survivors seeking a remedy for what happened to them, including help with locating evidence. There are a variety of remedies that might be available, depending on the circumstances. Justice in a case of torture can include compensation for losses, formal court recognition of the torture, starting a criminal investigation against the perpetrators, or some other acknowledgement of the harm.

REDRESS might help survivors directly, might work with lawyers in the UK, or with partner organisations or lawyers in the country where the torture occurred.

By following the link, you can read about examples of Our Work.

2. Prosecuting torturers

We can also help try to bring perpetrators of torture to justice where the alleged torturer is in or outside his or her home state. This is sometimes linked to our work to seek justice.

3. Advocacy 

We may also be able to raise awareness about your case before a domestic, regional or international human rights body, or at the United Nations.

If you contact us to seek advice on possible advocacy options, it is always important for us to know in which State the torture took place in, so we can advise you of possible avenues to pursue.

4. Practical advice & Support

REDRESS also tries to help in other ways. For example, we:

5. Training and advice

REDRESS also provides expertise on points of law to government agencies, lawyers, and national and international courts. We can also providing training on Documenting Torture.

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Criminal Law Reform in Sudan

Torture can happen to anyone leaflet

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