The Prosecutor v. Germain Katanga

Germain Katanga is an alleged former commander of the Force de Resistance Patriotique en Ituri (FRPI). On 24 February 2003, the FRPI and the Front des nationalistes et intégrationnistes (FNI) attacked the village of Bogoro, in the Ituri district of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, murdering about 200 civilians; mutilating many others; enslaving several women and girls for sexual purposes and destroying and pillaging property.

Katanga was brought to trial at the International Criminal Court accused of aiding crimes that took place during the attack. On 7 March 2014, he was found guilty of aiding in the commission of one count of crime against humanity (murder) and four counts of war crimes (murder, attacking a civilian population, destruction of property and pillaging). He was later sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment.

The Court now needs to make a decision on the reparation awards that will be granted to the Bogoro victims and has asked interested parties to make submissions on this issue.

REDRESS has over 20 years’ experience in obtaining justice and reparation for victims of torture and has sought permission from the ICC Trial Chamber to make submissions. 

REDRESS seeks to provide an analysis on how courts, tribunals and related bodies have decided on the appropriateness of group or individual reparations. REDRESS also wishes to provide information on how courts have dealt with challenges that may impact the effectiveness of reparation programmes, including those relating to a geographically dispersed group of victims, limited funds available for reparation, and issues surrounding identifying victims.


Photo by ICC-CPI.

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