Countering terrorism without torture

REDRESS' work in this area is aimed at ensuring that States' counter-terrorism efforts respect and guarantee the right to be free from torture at all costs. REDRESS published a study on the relationship between counter-terrorism measures and the absolute prohibition against torture in late 2004 and is involved as interested parties in several legal challenges in the United Kingdom in which the relationship between counter-terrorism and human rights is at issue. REDRESS is an active member of a coalition of NGOs engaged in advocating for the United Kingdom to carry out a human rights compliant inquiry into its complicity in the CIA extraordinary rendition program.

REDRESS has been involved in a number of cases concerning torture and ill-treatment committed in the context of counterterrorism operations.  We were interveners in a Commission of Inquiry that was established in Canada after one of its citizens, a dual Canadian Syrian national flying on a Canadian passport, was taken out of airport transit in the United States and rendered to Syria, where he spent a year in detention and was reportedly severely tortured.  We are pursuing the case of Mustafa al-Hawsawi, currently facing capital charges before a military commission at Guantanamo Bay, for alleged secret detention, torture and ill-treatment by US authorities with the complicity of third states.  We have also intervened in a number of cases in the United States courts and the European Court of Human Rights concerning accountability for torture and secret detention carried out in the context of counterterrorism.

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Motion for leave to intervene in the U.S. Military Commission proceedings concerning Mustafa al-Hawsawi in support of defense motion to dismiss because Amended Protective Order #1 violates the Convention Against Torture

Report: Extraordinary Measures, Predictable Consequences: Security legislation and the prohibition of torture English - French - Spanish

Submission to the UN Committee Against Torture for the Periodic Review of the United Kingdom, April 2013

Letter in Support of Private Prosecutions Filed Against George W. Bush for Torture English - French

REDRESS’ report on the United Kingdom: The United Kingdom, Torture and Anti-Terrorism: Where the problems lie, December 2008

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