The Peace Palace, The Hague, The Netherlands

1st-2nd March 2007

Links to Speaker Presentations

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Syl Fannah

Implementing Reparations for Victims in the Context of Societal Transition and Development: Challenges for Sierra Leone

Mariana Goetz

Collective Reparations: Best Practice on Implementation

Julián Guerrero

Reparations for Victims in Colombia: Colombia’s New Law on Justice and Peace

Lisa Magarrell

Outreach to and Engagement of Victims on Reparations - Lessons Learned from Truth and Reconciliation Processes

Clemens Nathan

The Relevance of Post-Holocaust Experience

Florence Ochola

How to Ensure Reparation Does Not Further Stigmatize Victims, Particularly Children

Shari C. Reig

The Swiss Banks Holocaust Settlement

Luc Walleyn

Incorporating Victims’ Views in Reparation Cases: A Challenge for Lawyers

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