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Our recent press releases:

- Public order laws in Sudan continue to be used to punish and control women

4 December 2017 

- Complaint against Chad: 7,000 victims of the Habré regime turn to African Commission in their struggle for reparation (English - French)

10 November 2017

- UK charity worker trapped in Iran must be placed under UK diplomatic protection

9 November 2017

- REDRESS response to the Foreign Secretary's statement in the Commons on Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe case  REDRESS

7 November 2017

- Rupert Skilbeck appointed Director of REDRESS

31 October 2017

- The UK Government must acknowledge ill-treatment of British charity worker jailed in Iran

23 October 2017

British charity worker faces 16 additional years in prison in iran; UK must act now to secure release

9 October 2017

- Letter to UK ambassador to Iran calls for jailed Britons' cases to be raised this week 

2 October 2017 

- UK and EU must put pressure on Iran during UN General Assembly to release all British nationals arbitrarily detained

19 September 2017

- UN body calls on Sri Lanka to investigate torture and death of victim of alleged police brutality

15 September 2017

- New report: UN response to sexual exploitation and abuse by peacekeepers must do much more to enable victims to access reparation, support and assistance

14 September 2017

ICC reparations award for destruction of cultural heritage in Mali, an important step to acknowledge and remedy the harm caused to individuals and communities

17 August 2017

- REDRESS calls on the UK authorities to initiate an investigation into five Rwandan genocide suspects 

3 August 2017 

-  Uzbekistan must start genuine cooperation with the UN

English - Russian

02 August 2017

UN Body urges Nepal to investigate, prosecute and afford Redress to victim of rape in landmark ruling regarding sexual violence in conflict

26 July 2017

UK government must demand that Iran releases all British nationals arbitrarily detained

18 July 2017 


- REDRESS Nederland convenes discussion in The Hague to dispel myths on torture and reaffirm its absolute prohibition

8 June 2017

-  PARI hails new regional instrument on the right to redress for victims of torture in Africa  

8 May 2017 

- Time to Act on Habré-Era Reparations and Mend the Harm to Victims in Chad

English - French

27 April 2017

- Turkey: REDRESS among international observers monitoring Doctor Serdar Küni’s trail

24 April 2017

Reparations for victims of the Bogoro massacre: meeting victims' needs while giving them back their dignity

24 March 2017

A milestone for the protection of torture victims in Africa as first regional instrument on their right to redress is adopted

9 March 2017

Women's rights activist files complaint against Libya after being forced to flee the very revolution that she helped bring about

8 March 2017

International Women's Day plea to Iran to release Kurdish women's rights activist on the ninth anniversary of her arrest

7 March 2017

UK: IHAT closure threatens proper investigations into allegations of torture by UK soldiers in Iraq

10 February 2017

- Nepal: Extension of transitional justice mechanisms' mandate should be just a start

8 February 2017 

Supreme Court rules torture and rendition claims against UK Government should proceed

17 January 2017

- ICC trial against Dominic Ongwen underscores the need to acknowledge victims' suffering

6 December 2016 

Tortured for being homosexual in Peru: Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to hear landmark LGBTI case

(lea aquí el comunidado en español)

30 November 2016

No justice for Mexican journalist and torture survivor Olivier Acuña on International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists 

(lea aquí el comunidado en español)

2 November 2016

- Release Nazanin Ratcliffe immediately and give her compensation, UN body tells Iran

13 October 2016

British human rights organisation REDRESS opens new office in The Hague

29 September 2016

- Colonel Kumar Lama's acquittal: Prosecuting torture suspects should remain a priority of the UK

6 September 2016

Divisional court ruling recognises immunity from criminal jurisdiction for "special missions" visiting UK

5 August 2016

Les actions valent plus que les mots: il est temps de mettre les victimes d'abord après un jugement important sur les réparations dans le procés Habré

29 July 2016

- Actions matter more than words: Time to put victims first after important reparation judgment in the Habre case

29 July 2016

- Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe must be released immediately – 100 days have passed; 100 days too long

11 July 2016

- Lithuanian Court prevents secret detention and rendition victim from participating in investigation into CIA secret prisons in Lithuania

01 July 2016

- Statement of REDRESS on parliamentary debate on the UK role in CIA renditions

29 June 2016

'Reporting on Torture' media handbook launched in several languages to support journalists who report on torture

26 June 2016 

- UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention demands immediate release of the only female political prisoner sentenced to life imprisonment in Iran

7 June 2016

- Time to repair the harm to the victims of the Habré's regime

30 May 2016

EU: Use National Courts to Fight Impunity - EU Day Against Impunity Highlights Progress, Challenges 

[click here to read it in French

19 May 2016

- Central African Republic: Make Justice a Priority New Government Should Quickly Establish Special Court

21 April 2016

- République centrafricaine: Faire de la justice une priorité

21 April 2016 

Efforts to End Impunity for Sexual Crimes Must Not Stop With Bemba’s Judgment on 21 March

21 March 2016

- Real Rights Now: Nepali victims don't need words, they need change

26 February 2016

REDRESS challenges the Lithuanian Prosecutor's continued refusal to grant victim status to victim of CIA rendition

18 February 2016

Statement of REDRESS to support joint NGO letter to the Prime Minister on war crimes allegations against UK forces

29 January 2016

- Exhibition recounting struggles of Zimbabwean asylum seekers in the UK opens in London

12 January 2015

- INTERPOL agrees to remove Algerian wanted person alert against French national, given real risks of torture

- INTERPOL accepte de retirer la Notice rouge émise par l’Algérie à l’encontre d’un citoyen français, étant donné les risques de torture avérés

7 December 2015

UN orders Nepal to prosecute those responsible for Bardiya District disappearances

2 December 2015

At the occasion of the Universal Periodic Review NGOs call on Nepal to end impunity for torture and other serious human rights violations

3 November 2015

UN urges Uzbekistan to investigate torture and ill-treatment of human rights defender forcibly sterilised in detention

8 October 2015

REDRESS regrets decision of court in Poland that will impede  the investigation of case of victim of CIA rendition

28 September 2015

- Torture allegations: Criminal complaint filed in Switzerland against Bahraini Attorney general

15 September 2015

Case of victim of mistaken identity during “War on Terror” begins before the Kenyan High Court

14 September 2015

REDRESS seeks victim status in Lithuania for victim of CIA rendition

3 September 2015

Stopping torture: a global call to end torture

26 June 2015 

REDRESS statement on Sudanese President and ICC suspect Omar al-Bashir leaving South Africa despite court order

15 June 2015

LFJL and REDRESS release their analysis of Libya’s Draft Constitutional Recommendations on Torture and Ill-Treatment

20 April 2015

"محامون من أجل العدالة في ليبيا" و"ريدرس" تنشران تحليلاً مشتركاً للتوصيات الدستورية المقترحة

2015 20 أبريل

REDRESS and Justice for Iran appeal to UN experts to intervene on behalf of Kurdish activist on seventh anniversary of her arrest on International Women's Day

8 March 2015

At long last, reparations for victims can now proceed in the ICC's first case

3 March 2015

African Commission should call on Sudan to release prominent activists facing stiff penalties in national security trial

20 February 2015

- Rights groups welcome African Commission's decision to uphold complaint of human rights defenders tortured in Sudan

19 February 2015 

جماعات حقوقية ترحب بقرار المفوضية الأفريقية تأييد شكوى ثلاثة مدافعين عن حقوق الإنسان تعرضوا للتعذيب في السودان

19 February 2015

Maroc: 9 ONG inquiètes des mesures d’intimidation exercées contre les victimes de tortures et une ONG qui les représente

9 February 2015

- UN demands investigation and prosecutions in conflict-era killing of schoolgirl

28 January 2015

-Uganda: Dominic Ongwen's transfer to the ICC, a step towards accountability for crimes by the Lord's Resistance Army

20 January 2015

- Al-Sweady Inquiry: Lessons must be learned so never again will a prisoner in British custody suffer ill-treatment

17 December 2014

 - UK must now come clean on torture: More than ever a judge-led fully independent inquiry is needed to look into allegations of UK complicity

11 December 2014

USA must now remedy what went wrong and act decisively on Senate torture report

9 December 2014

REDRESS expresses its solidarity with Sudan's distinguished human rights lawyer Dr. Medani and calls for his release

9 December 2014

-  تعرب منظمة ردرس عن كامل تضامنها مع المحامي السوداني المتميز د. مدني وتدعو للإنهاء الفوري لإعتقاله

9 December 2014

ICC Prosecutor's withdrawal of charges against Kenyatta, a blow to victims of the post-election violence in Kenya

5 December 2014

Kenyan Government should account for impeding access to justice and truth for victims of the post-election violence

4 December 2014

Lubanga ICC Case: Appeals judgement a step towards justice for victims in the DRC, but lessons need to be learned by the Prosecution to avoid evidentiary weaknesses

1 December 2014 

Inter-American Commission of Human Rights decides that case of young homosexual who was tortured by police in Trujillo is admissible

28 November 2014

Influencial parliamentary committee urges Government to investigate allegations that consular staff failed to protect victims of torture abroad

24 November 2014

Draconian secrecy rules at Guantánamo compound the flagrant violations of international law by the USA

7 November 2014

- Court of Appeal affirms role for domestic courts in UK torture claims

30 October 2014

- REDRESS, FIDH, ECCHR and TRIAL release new report on the rights of victims of serious international crimes in the EU

28 October 2014

- South Sudan: abusive security bill - President should veto, send back for revisions

15 October 2014

- Maryam Al-Khawaja: Bahraini human rights defender must be immediately released

1 September 2014

NGOs urge Court of Appeal to preserve access to justice to torture victims in UK rendition case

21 July 2014

International Day in Support of Victims of Torture: LFJL, REDRESS and DIGNITY call on Libya to ensure the prevention of torture

26 June 2014

-  REDRESS pays tribute to survivors on the UN Day in Support of Victims of Torture

25 June 2014

Sudan: End Arbitrary Detention of Activists

-   العربية 

25 June 2014 

REDRESS welcomes new international protocol to investigate sexual crimes; urges states to end impunity and afford reparation to victims

9 June 2014

- REDRESS and partner organisations appeal to Africa’s main human rights body on behalf of Meriam Ibrahim – a woman sentenced to death in Sudan for her religion

2 June 2014

Accountability still needed for alleged detainee abuse by UK Troops in Iraq

13 May 2014

African Commission rules that Sudan breached the rights of 88 internally displaced persons and needs to provide reparation for torture and other violations

25 February 2014

Lithuanian court urges prosecutors to investigate Guantánamo detainee rendition claims

29 January 2014

Saudi torture judgment must not undermine international torture ban

14 January 2014

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