Created under the auspices of "Artists for Human Rights" in a workshop organised by the
Khartoum Center for Human Rights & Environmental Development in Sudan, 2005.

More press release

- REDRESS condemns decision to hand inquiry into Rendition and Torture to Parliamentary Committee

19 December 2013

Rape victim vindicated as Ombudsman upholds complaint against the Foreign Office

27 November 2013

- UK Committee says Government must “make it a priority” to persuade Bahrain to allow visit by UN torture expert 

22 November 2013

- Inter-American Court upholds the right to justice and reparation for exiled Pinochet-era torture survivor

4 November 2013

- Corte Interamericana reafirma el derecho a la justicia y a la reparación en caso de víctima de tortura de la dictadura de Pinochet en el exilio

4 November 2013

- UK Foreign Affairs Committee underscores that it is time to act to establish the truth on torture

17 October 2013

- European Parliament urges Lithuania to open investigation into 9/11 secret detention claims

10 October 2013

- Corte Interamericana considera primer caso de un sobreviviente de tortura en el exilio de la dictatura de Pinochet

24 September 2013

- REDRESS shortlisted for the Guardian Charity Awards 2013!

18 September 2013

- Lithuania urged to investigate allegations of its own involvement in CIA programme of rendition, secret detention and torture

13 September 2013

- Inter-American Court upholds the right to justice and reparation for exiled Pinochet-era torture survivor

4 November 2013

- Corte Interamericana reafirma el derecho a la justicia y a la reparación en caso de víctima de tortura de la dictadura de Pinochet en el exilio

4 November 2013

- UK Foreign Affairs Commitee underscores that it is time to act to establish the truth on torture

17 October 2013

- European Parliament urges Lithuania to open investigation into 9/11 secret detention claims

10 October 2013

- Corte Interamericana considera primer caso de un sobreviviente de tortura en el exilio de la dictatura de Pinochet

24 September 2013

- REDRESS shortlisted for the Guardian Charity Awards 2013!

18 September 2013

- Lithuania urged to investigate allegations of its own involvement in CIA programme of rendition, secret detention and torture

13 September 2013

ICC Decision in Kenyan Deputy President's case: victims' security is paramount

16 July 2013

Former AI's Secretary General becomes Trustee of REDRESS

27 June 2013

- States should reaffirm their commitment to victims of torture on 26 June

25 June 2013

- Protocol 15 to the European Convention on Human Rights must not result in a weakening of human rights protection

24 June 2013

- Arrest of Rwandan genocide suspects: an important step towards accountability

10 June 2013 

- The UK regrets torture and compensates Kenyan victims after more than 50 years

6 June 2013 

- Justice for victims in Libya should not be delayed after ICC decision

 6 June 2013

- ICC postpones decision on former Ivorian president's trial: victims continue to wait for justice

5 june 2013 

REDRESS welcomes former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights as Patron

10 May 2013

- Time for universal rejection of torture!

7 May 2013

Vers un refus universel de la torture!

7 mai 2013

- Bahrain must immediately reschedule visit of Special Rapporteur on Torture

30 April 2013

- The new Libyan Law Criminalising Torture, Enforced Disappearances and Discrimination: a first step, but more is needed

 -القانون الليبي الجديد المتعلّق بتجريم التعذيب والإخفاء القسري والتمييز: خطوة أولى إلى الأمام، ولكن ما زالت الحاجة تدعو لتحقيق المزيد

25 April 2013

- New REDRESS and IRCT report on Bahrain: fundamental reforms needed to combat torture

18 April 2013

- G8 commitment to tackle impunity for rape in conflict welcomed by human rights groups 

12 April 2013

- L’engagement pris par le G8 visant à lutter contre le viol dans les zones de conflits salué par les défenseurs des droits humains

12 avril 2013

- Ntaganda's surrender: An opportunity for the ICC to deliver justice to victims in DRC

25 March 2013

- African Commission finds Zimbabwe responsible for torture of a human rights lawyer

22 March 2013

- Inter-American Court of Human Rights considers landmark case of Chilean torture survivor in exile in the UK

20 March 2013

- Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos considera importante case de sobreviviente de torture chileno en el exilio

20 March 2013

- States must end impunity for grave crimes against women 

7 March 2013 

- Guilty verdict in historic Dutch trial on genocide charges

1 March 2013

- Sudan: Doctors perform amputations for courts; end corporal punishment, reform laws

27 February 2013

- Nobel Prize nominee files key complaint against Uzbek government for forcible sterilisation and torture

27 February 2013

-Designer Vivienne Westwood and former UN Special Rapporteurs on torture Nigel Rodley and Manfred Nowak become Patrons of REDRESS

25 February 2013 

REDRESS and SURF welcome verdict in first Rwandan Genocide trial in Norway

14 February 2013

- REDRESS welcomes UK prosecution of Nepali torture suspect

7 January 2013

- Nepal: Landmark conflict era rape case filed with UN

19 December 2012

- ICC verdict raises questions about quality of prosecutions

18 December 2012

European Court's landmark ruling finds rendition involved torture

13 December 2012

- REDRESS marks 20-year fight for survivors on Human Rights Day

7 December 2012

-Torture being systematically practiced in Nepal

21 November 2012

REDRESS welcomes key document from UN body urging states to ensure torture victims full remedy and reparation

19 November 2012

-Talk by Dame Rosalyn Higgins

13 November 2012

- Tribute to Lord Archer of Sandwell at the House of Lords

29 October 2012

- Foreign Affairs Committee Echoes REDRESS' Concern on Bahrain

17 October 2012

- Historic legal victory for Kenyan victims of colonial torture

5 October 2012

- Human Rights Court critizes use of alleged torture evidence in Belgium

27 September 2012

- Some important management changes at REDRESS

26 September 2012

- UN Human Rights Committee: Nepal responsible for the disappearance and torture of teacher, urges government to prosecute perpetrators and change laws 

24 August 2012

- Q & A on ICC landmark decision on reparations in the Lubanga case 

- Q&A sur la décision majeure de la CPI sur les réparations dans l´affaire Lubanga

15 August 2012

- Landmark ICC decision recognises reparation is a right owed to victims

7 August 2012

- The UK needs to place democratic values at the heart of its foreign policy towards 'Arab Spring' countries

19 July 2012

- REDRESS celebrates International Justice Day in solidarity with victims of the world's most serious crimes

17 July 2012

- REDRESS intervenes in colonial torture case, says no limitation period on torture claims

16 July 2012

- ICC should ensure that Lubanga's sentence is meaningful for victims in the DRC

10 July 2012

- Survivor's concerns over imminent closure of gacaca courts need to be addressed

15 June 2012

- Obituary: Lord Archer of Sandwell, patron and friend

15 June 2012 

- REDRESS hopes that Lubanga's sentence will consider long-lasting harm to victims and families 

13 June 2012

- Europe's highest court considers REDRESS' written submissions in first rendition case (Khaled El-Masri).

16 May 2012

- JCHR Parliamentary body slams UK Government's secrecy proposals for national security cases 

  Submission to UK Ministry of Justice

4 April 2012

- Lubanga's verdict only first step towards justice for victims

14 March 2012

- REDRESS' new timeline traces the history of victims' engagement in the first ICC trial since 2006

14 March 2012

- REDRESS' statement on the International Court of Justice's ruling that shields Germany from claims by victims of Nazi atrocities.

3 February 2012

- Flawed Torture Inquiry scrapped: Need remains to establish truth of UK complicity in torture

18 January 2012

- In a victory for REDRESS, the European Court of Human Rights finds in favour of UK/Turkish dual national tortured in Greece.

  ECtHR's press release

17 January 2012

- International human rights experts call for key changes to the Detainee Inquiry as Abdul Hakim Belhadj joins list of survivors refusing to participate.

6 January 2012

Lettre ouverte au Garde des Sceaux et au Ministre de l’Intérieur

- Avis aux médias: Lettre ouverte au Garde des Sceaux et au Ministre de l’Intérieur

5 December 2011

- Advocacy Forum and REDRESS release new report and urge Nepalese legislators to change the laws that allow impunity for gross human rights violations to continue.

30 November 2011

- Appeal Court Judges Find in Favour of Claimants in Single Iraq Inquiry Case (Ali Zaki Mousa and Others v The Secretary of State for Defence).

22 November 2011

- Organisations from Latin America and REDRESS testify before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) about the violence, discrimination and torture that lesbian, gays, bisexuals and transgenders suffer.

- Grupos LGBT de Perú denuncian en Washington la discriminación, violencia y tortura contra lesbianas, gays, bisexuales y transgéneros

28 October 2011

- REDRESS' new film offers rare glimpse into trial of genocide suspect Joseph M (available in English and Kinyarwanda)

14 September 2011

- Baha Mousa Inquiry Report reveals "shameful events" and "corporate failure"

8 September 2011

- REDRESS publishes a timeline that traces the history of victims' engagement in the first ICC trial

25 August 2011



18 August 2011

- Human Rights Groups Withdraw from the Detainee Inquiry

- Read a op-ed by Carla Ferstman, our Director, in openDemocracy

4 August 2011

- Foreign Affairs Commmittee highlights REDRESS' concerns on Bahrain

  Read full comments by Sir Emyr Jones Parry, Chair of REDRESS 

20 July 2011

- UK inquiry into abuse allegations in Iraq must be seen to be independent. REDRESS intervenes in the case of Ali Zaki Mousa and Others v Secretary of Defence.

18 July 2011

- Hundreds of victims prevented from participating in crucial court hearings due to lack of resources at the ICC

15 July 2011

- Sudan: African Commission Should Act on Southern Kordofan

سودان: على اللجنة الافريقية لحقوق الانسان اتخاذ موقف حول جنوب كردفان-

11 July 2011

- Dutch Appeals Court sentences Joseph Mpambara to Life Imprisonment 

7 July 2011

New Rules for Detainee Inquiry will Impede Access to Truth

6 July 2011

- REDRESS' Chair, Sir Emyr Jones Parry, offers his reflections on the United Nations' Annual Day in Support of Victims of Torture - Lessons from the Arab Spring: time to stand up to end the use of torture

26 June 2011

Jeppesen Dataplan - Justice denied for victims of US policy of extraordinary rendition

17 May 2011 

- The need for a UN Commission of Inquiry on Accountability in Sri Lanka

3 May 2011

- Advocacy Forum and REDRESS Comment on Nepali Draft Criminal Code, Draft Criminal Procedure Code and Draft Sentencing Bill: Provisions relevant to a Fair Trial, Enforced Disappearance and Sexual Violence

19 April 2011

- UK/Kenya: Kenyan Colonial Litigation Starts

7 April 2011

- Families of Bardiya disappeared victims appeal to the UN Human Rights Committee

24 January 2011

- Torture survivors' charity wins prestigious MacArthur Foundation Award

19 January 2011

- World Human Rights Day: REDRESS launches new campaign for legislation to allow torture survivors to sue their tormentors through UK courts

10 December 2010

- REDRESS expresses extreme disquiet at plans to change legal procedures regarding the arrest of suspected war criminals in the UK

3 December 2010

- UK compensation payout to torture victims 

17 November 2010

- The Wider Implications of the Arrest of Callixte Mbarushimana in Paris

12 October 2010

- Victims express relief at decision to resume first war crimes trial at the International Criminal Court

- Les victimes expriment leur soulagement suite à la décision de reprendre le premier procès pour crimes de guerre devant la Cour Pénale Internationale 

8 October 2010

- European Court case underscores responsibilities of UK army to respect human rights of detainees: Case of Al Sadoon and Mufdhi v The United Kingdom (Application no.61498/08)    

4 October 2010

- REDRESS and other leading NGOs write to Sir Peter Gibson on the need for the Inquiry to be sufficiently empowered and transparent  

8 September 2010

REDRESS and Victims' Rights Working Group Members Celebrate International Justice Day 17 July 2010

16 July 2010

- Torture Inquiry Announcements are a Mixed Bag: Inquiry Will Lack Power to Make Former Political Leaders Reveal Truth

7 July 2010

- International Day in Support of Victims of Torture: Human Rights Groups call on the Cambodian Government to Comply with the UN Torture Convention

25 June 2010

- Rwandan Genocide Suspects in Zambia: A Call for Justice

5 May 2010

- Israel: Proposed bill seeks to outlaw human rights NGOs based in Israel working on accountability issues in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

3 May 2010

- Goma Forum issues urgent call to re-think efforts to end sexual violence in the Congo
- Le forum de Goma lance un appel urgent à réévaluer les efforts pour mettre fin aux
violences sexuelles en République démocratique du Congo

18 December 2009

- Congolese Rebel leader will not be prosecuted for Sexual Violence
- Le chef de guerre Thomas Lubanga ne sera pas poursuivi pour
violences sexuelles

8 December 2009

- Zimbabwe: Mission by UN Special Rapporteur on Torture blocked

30 October 2009


30 October 2009

- Government moves towards closing genocide loophole in UK law

30 October 2009

- Time for genuine reform of Sudanese security laws
- Arabic

30 September 2009


10 August 2009

- GOVERNMENT'S GENOCIDE ANNOUNCEMENT: Peers and NGOs say: "Very good news - but it doesn't go far enough". - Joint Press Release by Redress, Justice and Aegis
  Written Statement by The Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice (Jack Straw)
  Press Notice by the Ministry of Law

7 July 2009

Meeting the Needs of Torture Survivors in the United Kingdom Conference on 26th June 2009

30 June 2009 

- Four Chinese Uighurs released from Guantanamo Bay arrive in Bermuda

12 June 2009

- Universal Jurisdiction Update: Universal Jurisdiction developments and challenges 2006-2009.
  Informal Update

2 June 2009

- Today's Release of Rwandan genocide suspects underscores urgent need for UK law reform

8 April 2009

Kenya’s government illegally detained and rendered 150 citizens in a US-influenced ‘counter-terrorism’ operation, REDRESS and Reprieve’s new report reveals today

4 March 2009

ICC Begins ‘Historic' War Crimes Trial of DRC Rebel Leader

26 January 2009

- Legal experts concerned over rushed Sudanese human rights legislation

- Arabic

12 January 2009

Letter to the Minister of Interior and Minister of Justice of the Czech Republic - EU Network of contact points on genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes

17 December 2008

Counter-Terrorism Policies Undermine Anti-Torture Commitments. New report released by REDRESS questions UK’s commitments to combat torture.

10 December 2008

Rwanda Survivors and Post-Genocide Justice. REDRESS' and African Rights' new report details the first-hand experiences and hopes of Rwandan genocide survivors and questions the meaning of justice after genocide.

10 December 2008

- National authorities from over 30 countries and ad hoc tribunals committed to greater international cooperation in the fight against impunity for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity

2 December 2008

- REDRESS welcomes the release of Sudanese human rights activist Osman Hummaida but condems his torture and arbitrary arrest by the Sudanese authorities
- Arabic

28 November 2008

Amicus Curiae Filed jointly by the Uganda Victims Foundation and REDRESS before Pre-Trial Chamber II of the ICC, in the case of the Prosecutor v. Kony et al.

18 November 2008

Arrest those responsible for international crimes committed in the Democratic Republic of Congo
- Arrêter les responsables des crimes internationaux commis en République Démocratique du Congo

7 November 2008

- War Victims in DRC Shocked at ICC Decision to Release Lubanga
- Les victimes du conflit en RDC désemparées suite à la décision de mise en
liberté de Thomas Lubanga

03 July 2008

- Sudan - Police Forces Act falls short of the Bill of Rights
- عربي

18 June 2008

- Baha Mousa: Wider inquiry into UK Army torture in Iraq essential

14 May 2008

- Accountability and justice for torture in Sri Lanka - An open letter to the Attorney General following the verdict of acquittal of the Negombo High Court in the case of Gerald Perera

07 May 2008

- Ugandan Victim's Hopes for Justice Dashed Again, with the Announcement of Further Delays to Signing of Juba Peace Agreement
- UVRWG Press Release 10 April 2008

10 April 2008

- 14th commemoration of the genocide of the Tutsi minority - Making Europe Safe from Genocide Suspects

07 April 2008

- Letter sent on behalf of REDRESS and other NGOs to the Article 36 Committee in respect of persons responsible for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes

04 April 2008

- Cambodia Tribunal Allows Victims of the Khmer Rouge to Participate in Proceedings
Link to statement

Les Chambres extraordinaires cambodgiennes permettent aux victimes des Khmers Rouges de participer à la procédure
- ECCC decision

- REDRESS submission - English

28 March 2008

- Cambodia Decision on Civil Party participation in provisional detention appeals

20 March 2008

- European Court of Human Rights reaffirms the absolute prohibition on return to torture

29 February 2008

- USA Use of UK Territory in "Extraordinary Rendition"

22 February 2008

- France to prosecute two Rwandan genocide suspects
- Deux rwandais suspects de génocide devant la justice française

20 February 2008

- ICC Prosecuter leaves unfinished business in Ituri, DRC
- Le Procureur de la CPI laisse le travail inachevé en Ituri, RDC

15 February 2008

- Memorandum to the UK Ministry of Defence on the Aitken report

31 January 2008

- Interview- REDRESS' new Chair speaks on torture and importance of justice

28 January 2008

- Release from Guantanamo Bay and Return to UK of Three Residents Welcomed

20 December 2007

- France to Prosecute Two Rwandan Genocide Suspects - Many Others Continue to Benefit from Impunity

13 December 2007

- Submissions to the Board of Directors of the ICC Victims’ Trust Fund
- Français

22 November 2007

- Making the ICC relevant to affected communities - Report prepared for the 6th Assembly of States Parties, New York
- Français

November 2007

- Action against Torture - A Practical Guide to the Istanbul Protocol for Lawyers in the Philippines

November 2007

- UK Must Confront Saudi King on Torture

30 October 2007

- REDRESS Releases New Report - UK ARMY IN IRAQ: Time to Come Clean on Civilian Torture

5 October 2007

- UK Army in Iraq: Time to Come Clean on Civilian Torture

02 October 2007

- The First Arrest of a Rwandese Genocide Suspect in Germany Augustin Ngirabatware in Detention 

20 September 2007

- Reparations for victims of genocide - Crimes against humanity and war crimes: Systems in place and systems in the making

September 2007

- Amnesty International, the AIRE Centre, The International Commission of JURISTs, Interights and REDRESS warn that the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights is being asked to reconsider the absolute ban on torture 

11 July 2007

- Against impunity: justice after torture
The case of four British citizens incarcerated in Saudi Arabia highlights the importance of opening a legal route to redress for torture survivors, says Carla Ferstman

29 June 2007

- International Day in Support of Victims of Torture: REDRESS Calls for an End to Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment and Punishment 

26 June 2007

- 20th Anniversary of the Torture Convention: REDRESS Calls for Enactment of New Torture (Damages) Bill 

26 June 2007

- Top UK Court Orders Probe into Mousa Torture Death 

13 June 2007

- Combatting International Crimes in Sudan: Essential New Guide on Role of International Criminal Court Released 

8 June 2007 

- African Comission Must Urgently Tackle Zimbabwe Torture 

24 May 2007

- Eleven Organisations Intervene Before House of Lords in Case Considering the Role of UK Military in Torture and Killings of Iraqi Civilians
- Questions and Answers
- Interveners’ Written Case before the Law Lords

16 April 2007

- Call to End European safe Havens for Rwandan Perpetrators 

3 April 2007

- Court Martial Acquittals in Baha Mousa Case: The Full Truth of What Happened Remains Unknown

14 March 2007

- ICC Prosecutor initiates Darfur cases
- عربي

27 February 2007

- International Criminal Court: Lubanga trial will go ahead, but limited charges may alienate victims in Eastern Congo
- Le Procès à la CPI procédera, mais les charges limitées oublient les victimes du Congo de l’Est

29 January 2007

- International Criminal Court: Limited ICC charges may trigger recriminations in Eastern Congo 

28 November 2006

International Criminal Court: Child Soldiers Prosecution Must Be Seen In Context
Cour Penale Internationale: L’accusation du crime d'enrolement d’enfants doit etre relativisee 

26 September 2006

- Public Statement: Second Public Hearing of the Office of the Prosecutor

26 September 2006 

- Joint Public Statement: Inquiry Condemns Role of Canadians in Extraordinary Rendition Case

19 September 2006

- Advisory: Canadian Commission will Make Findings on Extraordinary Rendition on 18 September 2006 - (Backgrounder)

18 September 2006

- Statement of the Coalition of International NGOs Against Torture on the Occasion of the Coming Into Force of the Optional Protocol Against Torture

22 June 2006

- Statement of the Intervenors on the Occasion of the House of Lords' Decision (JUSTICE DENIED FOR BRITISH SURVIVORS TORTURED IN SAUDI ARABIA)

14 June 2006 

- REDRESS Condemns Arbitrary Incommunicado Detention of Darfur Human Rights Lawyers

18 May 2006

- Joint Public Statement: Ron Jones v Saudi Arabia  

25 April 2006 

- Joint Public Statement: Reject the Use of Diplomatic Assurances in All Cases of Real Risk of Torture or Other Ill-Treatment 

29 March 2006

- Statement: Appeal Court Upholds Ruling in Baha Mousa Case
- Court Judgment

21 December 2005

- International Human Rights Day: Statement of the Coalition of International NGOs Against Torture (CINAT)

10 December 2005

- Public Statement: Landmark House of Lords' Decision in Torture Case
- Judgment

8 December 2005

- Public Statement: UN General Assembly adopts the Principles and Guidelines on the Right to Reparation for Victims
- General Assembly Resolution

10 November 2005

A Resounding No to the Use of Torture Evidence 

17 October 2005

- CINAT Letter to European Parliamentarians on the Prohibition of Torture

3 October 2005

Diplomatic Agreements Cannot Be Used to Return People to Torture

12 August 2005 

- Prosecution of UK Soldiers Important First Step

20 July 2005 

- R v Zardad: Judgment dated 7 April 2004 / Judgement dated 5 October 2004
- REDRESS Comment

19 July 2005

- UK Troops in Iraq Face Investigation into Allegations of Torture and Death of Iraqi Civilian
- Judgment

14 December 2004

- Landmark Ruling That Foreign Torturers Can Be Sued in UK Courts
- Judgment
- REDRESS case comment

28 October 2004

Improving Access to Justice in Sudan Legal Training Workshop
- عربي

11 October 2004

- UK Must Not Be a Safe Haven for Torture

8 October 2004

- UK Court Rules Torture "Evidence" is Admissible

12 August 2004

- Torture by Coalition Forces in Iraq

14 May 2004

- Allegations of Torture Carried Out by American and British Soldiers in Iraq

5 May 2004

- Amnesties Cannot Bar Prosecution of International Crimes: A Ruling of the Sierra Leone Special Court

7 April 2004

- International Criminal Court Accepts Ugandan Referral

29 January 2004

- United Nations Human Rights Committee Finds that Death Row Phenomenon in Philippines Case Amounts to Torture
- UN Decision

20 November 2003

- REDRESS Condemns Attack on Zimbabwe Human Rights Lawyer

17 October 2003

- REDRESS Welcomes the Election of the Board of Directors for the ICC Trust Fund for Victims

12 September 2003

- REDRESS Calls for Justice for the British Nationals Tortured In Saudi Arabia

6 September 2003

- REDRESS Expresses Deep Concern at the Alleged Attendance of Indian Torturers at Anglo-Indian Police Conference Convened by Merseyside Police

2 September 2003

- Alleged Zimbabwean Torturer Working for United Nations in Kosovo
- Memorandum of Law

14 July 2003

- Coalition of International NGOs Against Torture Statement - 26 JUNE 2003

26 June 2003

- Parliament to Debate Plight of British Nationals Imprisoned in Saudi Arabia

3 June 2003

- Letter to Ambassador of Bahrain Concerning Adel Felaifel

17 December 2002

- Alleged Torturer Questioned in Bahrain on "fraud and other abuses"

27 November 2002

- General Assembly Adopts Instrument Implementing a Global System of Visits to Places of Detention

8 November 2002

- Jurisdiction of International Criminal Court Begins Today

1 July 2002

- 60th Ratification of the International Criminal Court Treaty

11 April 2002

- Al-Adsani v. The United Kingdom

23 November 2001

- Hugo Juarez Cruzzat and Others v. Peru

- Hugo Juarez Cruzzat y Otros Contra el Perú

15 November 2001

- Fiona McKay's Statement to a Press Conference

24 March 1999

- MPs Call on Government to Act Against Torture in Saudi Arabia

20 January 1998

- Torture Traders to be Prosecuted in Scotland but not in England

28 May 1997

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