REDRESS Listservs

At present REDRESS manages the following restricted membership listservs:

Criminal Law Reform In Sudan

Experts, advocates and practitioners can exchange information, experiences and learn of latest updates concerning criminal law reform in Sudan.

ICC Victimsrights

Sharing expertise, strategies and developing common advocacy positions on issues concerning victims’ rights and interests in relation to the International Criminal Court. The Victims Rights Working Group is a restricted civil society advocacy network, which generally holds at least one strategy session a year and otherwise communicates through this listserv.

UJ Info

Universal Jurisdiction experts and practitioners learn of latest developments and exchange their information on the issue.

UN Reparations

A coalition of human rights groups and other experts advocating the promotion and implementation of the rights of victims under International law through the adoption by the UN Commission on Human Rights of ‘The draft basic principles and guidelines on the right to remedy and reparation for victims of violations of International Human Rights and Humanitarian law.’

Right To Reparation

Providing victims of serious Human Rights violations, practitioners and experts on the right to reparation for torture and other serious Human Rights violations, with a forum in which to learn of latest development at the national and International level, exchange information on the issue, and discuss and questions related to the right to reparation.

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