The Torture (Damages) Bill

Justice for Torture Survivors in the UK

Justice is a torture survivor's right. It is also an essential part of the healing process and sends a clear signal to perpetrators that torture will not be tolerated, wherever it takes place. Yet, torture survivors in the UK are currently unable to seek justice in English courts for the torture they endured overseas.

If enacted, a Torture (Damages) Bill would allow survivors to bring a claim for compensation in the courts of England and Wales against those individuals and governments responsible, where they are unable to do so in the country in which they were tortured.

A Bill was introduced into the House of Lords as a Private Members' Bill by late Lord Archer of Sandwell QC in 2006-2007. For a full account of the Bill's passage through the Lords and first readings in the House of Commons, including the inquiry made by the Joint Committee on Human Rights in 2009 and REDRESS' evidence to the Joint committee, as well as the Committee's report, that recommended that the British goverment legislate click here.


Thank you to all our supporters who have successfully campaigned for the Bill in previous years.


Torture survivors tell REDRESS why the Torture (Damages) Bill is so important to obtaining justice

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Why Torture Survivors Support This Bill

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Les WalkerLes Walker (British, tortured in Saudi Arabia)

"One thing that really hurt was being blindfolded and just catching sight of ‘Made in England’ on the handcuffs. Boy did that hurt."

Jafaar Al HasabiJafaar Al Hasabi (Bahraini, tortured in Bahrain)

"Oh my god you can’t believe it. For two hours one guard is slapping, one is kicking, one is punching me. I fall down twice but I am picked up."

Keith CarmichaelKeith Carmichael (British, tortured in Saudi Arabia)

"Hiding behind the barrier of State Immunity, the states have never had to dispute the substantive evidence of alleged heinous crimes."

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