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Support the Torture (Damages) Bill: Write to your local Member of Parliament

Step one

Find your local MP by clicking here and typing in your post-code. This will provide you with your MP's name and contact details.

Step two

You can either write your own letter about why you think the Torture (Damages) Bill is important, mentioning any personal reasons for supporting the Bill. Or, you can use the template letter we have provided, which you can personalise. Personal emails or letters are more effective, even if you just add a few of your own words.

Step three

Either send the letter to your MP by post, to:

(Your MP's name), House of Commons, London , SW1A 0AA.

Or, send by e-mail to your MP's email address, which you can find here

You can also submit your letter by clicking here, typing in your post-code as before, clicking on the name of your MP and inserting your message in the text box displayed. Your message can then be sent directly to your MP.

Last, but not least

Thank you for taking the time to support the Torture (Damages) Bill. Please let us know if you receive any response from your MP. We would be happy to answer any queries your MP may raise.

Either email us with your MP's response to: lucy@redress.org or fax, 020 7793 1719. Alternatively, send a copy to: REDRESS, 87 Vauxhall Walk, London SE11 5HJ.

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